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To buy fine art prints in either giclee canvas, sleek acrylic or poster print format visit the Fotoviva Art Prints online image store at

We have a wide range of original photographic prints by our UK photographers for sale. Landscape pictures, macro images and wildlife shots are for sale in a range of sizes and prints.

Giclee Canvas Prints

Our photographs can be purchased as superb canvas art which look stunning when hung on your office of home walls. The pictures are printed onto quality giclee canvas and stretched over a box frame with stretcher bars.

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Visit the photography blog for more information about the site with all the latest updates regarding new photo contributors and picture uploads. We also provide hints and tips for better photography together with a wide range of Photoshop skills and techniques for getting the most from your post production.

Art Isn't Just For Interior Designers

When we think about art most people tend to think of the paintings of Picasso, Rembrandt or Michelangelo from years ago. It's true art does span a long time - in fact art has been ingrained in human nature and society since the dawn of time. From rock paintings all the way up to the present day with digital photography.

We sometimes think art is just for the wealthy, sat in their stately homes surrounded by framed paintings on canvas by famous painters. But art is much, much more than that. Art is everywhere we look. It's part of society, advertising and life.

Whether we are conscious of it or not, art is everywhere in various forms and it really impacts our lives on a great scale.

So yes, we've moved on from original artworks painted on canvas by artists. Sure, they still exist but the trend for wall art in our homes has gone beyond this, which is great for home owners who want to bring art into their homes. With the advent of high quality, low cost printing a whole new world of art has opened up before our eyes.

If we love the old abstract paintings or the renaissance style art from years ago, we can now have that hanging on our walls, albeit in reproduced form, for well under £100. It could be a poster print of The Scream by Edvard Munch, a canvas print of Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh or even a framed print of The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli. With wide format printing we can have classic paintings hanging on our walls looking pretty much identical to the originals, at least for most people.

But there is also a whole new range of art for us. With the advent of the internet and social media artists can now display their works to far more people, encouraging a global appreciation for their work. Online galleries and free portfolios offer them an easy way to get their images seen by millions. And with online print companies they can have their pictures reprinted and sent out directly to their customers.

Photographers have also got into this market, showing and selling their photographs online. With companies such as Redbubble, 500px and FineArtAmerica, not to mention Fotoviva Art Prints, the world has suddenly been hit by an explosion of art, whether photographic, painted or other media.

This has proved to be an absolute boon for home owners and interior designers. Now they can find the perfect art print on the web and buy it straight away for their home interiors or design projects. Accessibility has never been more true.

Fotoviva Art Prints was launched way back in 2006 with a modest range of photographic art. It is now seen as one of the UK's leading supplier of interior artwork, with it's range of wall art being one of the best around. Interior designers and home owners buy various art pieces from them printed on acrylic and in the traditional box framed canvas style. They also print customers images on canvas or acrylic which is especially popular with photographers.

Art transcends society and can inspire the soul. We love making art, be it photographic or design pieces. Opening you mind to the possibilities of art and how it can transform wall spaces and thus an interior design is something we should all do. Life is too short for bare walls and drab rooms. Bring nature and life into your home with some affordable artwork. The images on offer are really endless with so many unique artists around the world. Step into the world of art and illuminate your mind, your soul and your life.

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